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Ros Hemley, MDIA, CKD Au, MCES

Ros' love of beautiful things began when she was very young. Growing up in rural Australia meant her connection to the earth and her appreciation of the beauty of nature was innate. Ros says, 'country kids just connect & find peace in such simple pleasures and I am lucky to boast such a childhood'. Her professional life began as an adult educator of business administration, career and personal development. During this time Ros gained skills as a counsellor and has spent time working in a traditional college teaching teenage and adult students; in central NSW teaching on an Aboriginal Outreach program and lastly sharing life skills and tutoring English to Vietnamese refugees in a Buddhist temple in Sydney.

Although inspired by the people she taught Ros wanted to stay true to herself and her love of design lead her to change direction and pursue a career in interior design. After many years of study, raising a young family and much determination Ros reached many personal goals. Ros' international and professionally recognised career encompassed running her own design studio, major design commissions, national judging, travel and management. Finding herself in Bali as part of this journey was the key to Ros' destination, surrounded by spiritual beauty, opportunity & a path to combine her skills. Hence DARE retreats & workshops was born, where clients become guests & can enjoy the relaxed holiday vibe on offer. The lectures, workshops, retreats and luxury escapes she has developed allow her to pass on knowledge and skills for creating happiness, building confidence and finding inner peace. Ros believes she has the ability to put like-minded people together and with DARE it is no different. She is thrilled about the very experienced & knowledgeable team of facilitators and accommodation partners who will help her along this journey - very clever & welcoming people with a common goal to provide a remarkable experience for all DARE guests.

Director & Founder
Sandra St.Yves BSc, DipCH, DipPC, CEd, CTCS, CFET

Sandra St. Yves is well known internationally having worked and taught in the UK, the Middle East and around Asia with clients that span the globe. Over the years she has worked as a lecturer and examiner in applied psychology, facilitated stress reduction workshops in offices and colleges around the UK, and worked as counsellor and educational assessor in International Schools. Her professional background and experience allow a holistic experience that integrates mainstream technique with metaphysical knowledge making her a grounded and effective facilitator and healer. She is a gentle yet dynamic teacher and healer with a high intuition and works with higher energies of her guides. She facilitates transformation at a deep level and teaches her clients to do this for themselves through simple yet effective techniques that can be learned and integrated into daily life.

Sandra says, 'my personal experience means that my clients have a non-judgmental and empathetic person to talk with who understands and acknowledges their life experience and can help them release and move forward. My desire is to give some of the tools that I have used for myself, and others, to attract fewer falls and more positive situations and transformation through mainstream and metaphysical practice. Sandra is honoured to be part of the DARE team and is available as an elective facilitator and for private 'one-on-one' sessions by request.

Retreat Counsellor
& Life Skills Coach


At DARE Retreats, yoga classes are targeted to meet the needs of our guests. Ancient traditions and classical forms are enthusiastically delivered in a modern and practically focused teaching style that includes daily assessment, creating a yoga experience that is relevant to each participant. Yoga can be vigorous and stimulating, challenging both body and mind. It can also be deeply relaxing, invoking a sense of personal balance that invites a desire to be in harmony with the world. Every class at DARE is a dialogue between the teacher’s knowledge and the student’s physical, mental and spiritual aspirations. All levels of fitness and experience are welcomed as a good yoga class meets the student where they stand, without expectation. Our goal is to see you experience a relaxed, alert mind working with a strong healthy body because we believe this is the fertile ground from which optimal choices, creativity and happiness grow.

Nicky Burmester

Nicky is internationally recognized Recruitment leader. Her core skill is to re-invigorate and inspire you to ensure you have the tools, techniques and self-belief to create the career you desire and deserve. She can help you understand where you are today, highlight what is helping or hindering you, and get you going beyond your comfort zone and past behaviours, to create new possibilities with courage and passion. Nicky recently spoke to 4000 HR professionals in Asia on the power of recruitment. Together with her teams, Nicky has hired over 35,000 hires in the last decade, so she is excellently placed to give you tailored career advice across the recruitment spectrum, ensuring you are at your potential more of the time. Originally from a small town in New Zealand, Nicky now lives in Europe. She has travelled to 70 countries, lived in five and recently starred on a television pilot in the UK for being a 'career potentialist'. Nicky says 'just like we all want to find love and happiness, following our passion and finding fulfilment in our careers is essential'.

Career & Life Skills Coach
Sam Tyers, BA Hons, MSc

Originally from the UK, Sam’s an ocean lover, coffee addict and a bit of an Eco Entrepreneur. She has an ‘anything is possible’ approach to life shaped by a childhood surround by entrepreneurs. Her love of the ocean and nature began at an early age. You could say it was inevitable with a grandfather in the navy, family holidays braving the UK coastlines, and her first adventure to turquoise Mediterranean waters at the age of 3. So it’s no surprise that her work now helps people make positive choices for themselves and the planet.

Her professional life began in the corporate world in sales and marketing at Coca-Cola where she was involved in international marketing & business development in education. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help people make positive choices Sam decided to go solo and get back in touch with nature. Since then she’s worked as a scuba diver, gained an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies, and lived and worked on ethical projects in the UK, China, Thailand and Indonesia. Based now in Bali, Sam has combined her passion for choosing smarter ways, experience in marketing & sales, expertise from her MSc, and love of travel and diving to set up Reallysavvy as a hub to inspire & empower smarter choices in life & business.

Sustainability Expert & Lecturer
I Wayan Januariawan, S.sn

Affectionately known as Wayan Donald, DARE's talented painting teacher is a local Balinese man who has completed his art & teaching degree at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, or ISI (Institute Seni Indonesia), Denpasar. Soft by nature and extremely talented, Wayan Donald has taught many his wonderful craft. His exhibitions span across Indonesia and his works were included into an Exhibition in Germany - Ayo Ku, University Passau & Lehrstuhl fur Sudostasienkunde. He believes that there is a method to art that can be taught and he will be sharing his techniques with all those that want to join the Traditional Balinese Art Painting or Abstract Art classes on offer. Art is like a form of meditation, according to Wayan Donald, and his traditional art workshop will allow him to share & teach a skill passed down through the ages to shape the bases for all architectural forms in Bali, a technique which allows control of the mind. To experience is like a form of yoga using paper and pen.

Art Teacher
Elodie Franchineau

French-born Elodie enjoyed travel from its' introduction to her, where she spent many of her early years on family holidays exploring new destinations. Her fascination with travel and world cultures became a passion and she decided to make travel her work. Elodie first found herself in India & Indonesia in luxury tourism; but felt torn as she was only able to sell what she describes as 'commonplace' holiday concepts. Wanting to offer more - to be able to bring to her clients the experiences of digging deeper within a culture and getting to know the people - lead her to launch her own tourism company in Bali. Her goal is to share the real BALI. Guests will join Elodie on this unique and personal experience of Bali as they travel with her on the adventures we have planned. Opportunity to meet the people & exchange experiences will make this time unforgettable.

Adventure Tour Guide
Clotilde Swartley

French-born Clotilde has been on the path of wellness for 22 years. Her work has seen her live & work in many destinations including America, Europe & India. Clotilde has an extensive background in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, massage and meditation. Since 2008 she has been developing a unique concept - Body Yog - which is a combination of Vinyasa Yoga, dancing & meditation. Currently this has only been available in Europe, but now Clotilde is very happy to bring her skills to the DARE team and is very excited to support people to feel more whole as a result of her practice.

Body Yoga Facilitator
Sophie Bouron

French-born Sophie began her career in marketing, first with Pepsi-Cola before spending more than 10 years in Paris working with major French magazines and newspapers, assisting with their marketing and promotional strategies. In 2009, wanting to give to her life a new wing, Sophie decided to settle abroad and turned her knowledge to 'the body' as a way to release stress & illness. After a year of training "Art of Touch" (Body Relation & Creative Massage) she launched her own company in Bali. The spirituality of the island and the softness of its inhabitants seduced her from her first trip to Asia.

Today, she is in charge, in Indonesia & Singapore, of the DEBUSSY brand, which develops and offers the rejuvenating facial "New Generation" (infrared & ultrasound non surgical facelift technology). DEBUSSY wholly respects the body and is not only extremely effective but also completely relaxing. From the first session, it restores skin suppleness, improves firmness and gives a new radiance (detoxification, collagen production, toning of elastic fibres and hydration by micro-massage). With the help of modern equipment, imported directly from Europe, our guests can enjoy the wonderful DEBUSSY experience for themselves.

Debussy Beauty Specialist
Christine Melanie Aris, ST

Originating from Java and now living in Bali for many years, Christine joins the team as the groups' interpreter. Christine, a very gentle & well-respected lady, has perfect Indonesian and very good English and will allow our guests to understand what is going on and what is being said at our prosperity & health blessings. Guests will enjoy her insightful explanations about the Balinese spiritual culture & the importance these ceremonies play on every day life.

Nyi Ratu

A spiritually gifted lady who lives & works in the Balinese village of Klungkung, Nyi Ratu uses her gifts to help heal & direct those that reach out to her for guidance & prayer. Ros & Nyi became friends after a chance meeting when Ros first moved to Bali. Their friendship grew as they shared time together travelling to meet with Mangkus (priests) at many high temples dotted around the special island. Nyi Ratu has an incredible sense of peace & happiness and is very pleased to be involved with DARE to conduct the health and prosperity blessings for guests who attend the Balinese retreat program.

The Spirit Lady
Rob Peetoom Hair Spa

Rob Peetoom Hair Spa in Bali is a place to indulge the senses and feel the spiritualism with a location that invites you to enjoy long and luxurious hair and beauty wellbeing. Inspired by the village communal style living of the Balinese, the eventual design by Ruud van Oosterhout was achieved in a 3-building complex with roofs supported by long posts of various heights and sizes floating in a reservoir of water with stepping-stones for connection and overflowing into the rice paddies that are a major feature of Bali.

Rob Peetoom is a name synonymous with and renowned for beautiful hair. As well as hair care, makeup and beauty care are important factors that determine the personal aura of a woman. To be your best every day, just remember, “No frills, no thrills; just a good eye and a good ear; and, of course, immaculate skills.”

Rob Peetoom’s philosophy: "You look good if your look suits your personality and charisma".

Hair and Beauty

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