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DARE retreats & workshops offer unique tailored packages which allow guests to design their own format to match the criteria of their group. The brainchild of the director Ros, who is a successful resort designer and adult educator, realised that her expectations for what makes a winning program was set very high and that is just what she has done by developing the retreat workshops - set the bar high by daring to be diverse.

Travelling in comfort, discovering new ideas & destinations, and taking time to be pampered whilst staying in exceptional accommodation is always important for a retreat/holiday experience to be a success. Team that with skilled and well qualified facilitators and you have exactly the formula that makes the DARE programs so special. Ros says, 'I love to travel, and take great pleasure in getting out and about to learn & explore. My mind comes alive when I experience the colours, culture & people that travelling to new destinations brings, but at the close of the day I like privacy and luxury. I enjoy beautiful accommodation in inspiring destinations. I also enjoy life's little pleasures like partaking in a scrumptious meal, soaking in a deep bath & slipping into a super comfy bed with crisp white linen. '

Leaf Leaf Life is about the experience and every experience is to be enjoyed Leaf Leaf

Each DARE program is a unique event with a strong educational emphasis. DARE offers choices of life skills & training, cultural experiences, adventure, pampering and an opportunity to meet & share with people of common interests.


DARE's diverse retreat program allows the flexibility to model the package that works for the individual or specific group's area of interest. Whether it be educational, culture & art, holistic, pampering, health & wellness, food, wine & shopping or any combination of these, DARE makes it possible!

The accommodation chosen has been carefully selected to ensure the perfect retreat — luxury boutique resorts in fantastic locations. There will be a room attendant as well as housekeeping staff to look after the group's every need. All facilitators are well qualified and experienced in their fields and come together to create an encouraging & optimistic dynamic for our guests to benefit from. There are 3 night and a 7 night retreats to choose from.

Professional Developmennt

Professional Development

The interactive program has been designed to improve daily communication, expand leadership skills & enhance personal development. DARE believes that our retreats benefit all those that attend by removing them away from their daily routines and placing them into an environment that will encourage a sense of well being and bonding with their peers. Your business will benefit as your group members are supported by the cluster activities designed to coach as they participate in the art of positive thinking, journaling, goal setting, problem solving, team building, parallel thought & 'circle of trust' techniques for group resolution. Employees will be able to take these techniques back to their workplace & personal lives.

Personal Developmennt

Personal Development

DARE offers an all-encompassing personal development program that allows our guests to build confidence and learn skills for creating happier & healthier lifestyles while at the same time reacquainting them with their personal health - mind, body & soul! We provide simple strategies to gain knowledge of how to flourish in daily life and become the choreographer of your own destiny! Learn to set goals to create a positive life and allow our experienced facilitators to share simple solutions to make your dreams become a reality! Feel nurtured, pampered and guided in one of our beautiful locations to later return home a new & rejuvenated you!

Holidays for people who prefer not to travel alone

Holidays for people who prefer not to travel alone

DARE offers exciting group holidays where our guests have an opportunity to enjoy a break in a striking location, where one can immerse in the culture, establish new friendships & take home wonderful memories! If you like to travel with others you will gain pleasure from our retreats which bring like-minded people together to allow them to share and enjoy. Experience adventures that go beyond the tourist destinations, feast on world class cuisine, be entertained by cultural dancers, partake in crafts & arts of the local area, take time out for relaxation & rest, be pampered in our amazing spas & experience the spirituality and tranquillity of 'the island of the Gods'.



Our DARE workshops are intended to be delivered at any location suitable to you. If you would like to consider a workshop for your group please contact the DARE team by email and we will assist you to work out the perfect venue, accommodation and entire package to suit the needs of your group.

Our Workshops
rewire for happiness lecture

This is a 2-hour program which includes an introduction to the skills for rewiring your mind to create happiness. The program includes a presentation, together with a group activity. Minimum 10 up to 100+

rewire for happiness workshop

This is a full day workshop with activities. The workshop topics include rewiring your mind to create happiness plus striking a balance between work and private life to form a more fulfilling lifestyle. Suitable for 10 to 20 people.

rewire for confidence series

Emotional fitness & assertiveness training - learn the skills to create more confidence by allowing people to become assertive (not aggressive) in the work place and life generally. Learn the skills that make leaders and valuable members of the community or workplace. This is a 3-day workshop that includes activities such as yoga, meditation and a chance to explore the destination. Suitable for 10 to 20 people.


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