Sometimes we just need to change our perspective!

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Sometimes we just need to change our perspective!

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Rather than fear growing older, to me it is a privilege.


When I turned 25 my friends presented me with a gorgeous bunch of celery cleverly intertwined with some pretty flowers; this age signified getting old & they wanted to remind me to be careful with my health. Then at my 30th birthday party, with small children at our feet, I remembered some wise words I once heard from a visiting preacher at our church. During his sermon, a din was coming from the crèche and some of the members of the congregation were noticeably annoyed. He responded, “These are the sounds of life and should be thought of with gratitude rather than disapproval, because without these sounds there is no life!”  I chose to embrace those precious moments. At 40, a friend told me it was time to ‘work on my personality’.  It was a time to celebrate, as we still felt young in a slightly liberated way. Although my journey has evolved over many years & stages of life, it was when I turned 50 that I felt the “lights turn on”.  I love being this age.


At 50 I realised that life had indeed not stopped. I was living and breathing.  I now had the freedom to put my energy & experience into pursuits I could only dream about in the earlier years when our beautiful children lived at home. As a career person who had managed to negotiate running a busy office together with fulfilling the role of mother & wife, I did not expect that when it came time for daily parenting to end that I would be so deeply affected.  With the sadness of an empty nest and missing our children deeply, my husband and I made the decision to take on a design & management role on the Indonesian island of Bali. What a change this was! We boxed up our home items, rented the house & headed off on a wonderful adventure.


Going into the building site one day on the back of the motorbike, a chain of events that somehow seemed connected made me realise something very special. As we negotiated the roads, winding our way into Seminyak from Canggu, a cow & calf came meandering into our path. Regardless of the traffic flow, the day went at the pace they chose. Then I noticed a woman carrying fruit in a basket on her head, supporting the basket with one hand as she strode gracefully along in a beautifully coloured sarong; small children played with puppies & entertained themselves near a rice field; a man came to the road’s edge & elegantly carried out an offering to the Gods ceremony as he most likely did each day. It was on this trip that I realised I was free. I had not lost my children but this was now a time to follow dreams, live adventures & enjoy what life had to offer.


It was such an important lesson for me that I want to share with you  – change your perspective to change your thoughts & you can change your life! Although we were attempting to do this by making a huge life shift I was still going through the motions, feeling I had lost something & trying to find happiness. On that day in Bali it was if the universe spoke to me & it was as if I truly woke up to understand the essence of creating happiness. You must give gratitude for where you are & what you have. Being connected in the moment allows you to notice what is beautiful around you at any given time. Enjoy the past as a wonderful memory or a lesson to be learnt. Concentrating my thoughts on what there was to lose only stopped me having the clear mind space to move forward with what life has to offer. It is essential for wellbeing to channel one’s energy into the solution or good things going on. Then life just seems to take care of itself and one good thing will lead to another. For me it was discovering who I was and what I really wanted, living an adventure (life itself) and making sure I made every moment count, and rejuvenating my body & soul and taking time out for me (meditation, exercise, massage & much more) that left me feeling truly centred & happy. Lastly education, learning as much as I could to prepare me and allow me to follow the life I wanted to live. I now truly love the life I live and I hope that those reading this also come to enjoy the moments before them. I am back living in Australia and so pleased to have been given the gift of understanding this lesson: Change your thinking and you can change your life!

God bless, Ros

Ros Hemley, MDIA, CKD Au, MCES


Ros Hemley, Director of DARE

Ros Hemley, Director of DARE








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