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Align yourself with happy and successful people. Picture: Megan Slade.

The 25 things happy people do differently – Shannon Kaiser

We all experience moments of insecurity, frustration, stress and even depression, but for some of us, these moments last longer than others, writes Shannon Kaiser. Like many people, I’ve gone through some major life changes over the past few years. I was stuck in depression tied to my corporate job. My breakdown turned into a […]

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Listening to Your Ego, or Your True Self? – Deepak Chopra MD

For most people, ego becomes an issue only when someone has too much of it and is considered egotistical – and even then, a big ego is often equated with drive and success. The situation is very different seen from the perspective of consciousness. The reason that Buddhists speak of “ego death” is that a […]

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The Conscious Lifestyle: Awareness Skills – Staying Centered – Deepak Chopra MD

This post begins a series on “skills in consciousness.” These are skills that anyone can learn -and benefit from – even though people casually use “consciousness” and “awareness” in a fuzzy way. Being aware isn’t passive. It’s an action that takes place mentally, and if that action doesn’t take place, you can be awake without […]

What’s Happening Inside? -Deepak Chopra MD

  When aiming for success, people spend many years building up the externals of their lives. As a result, they generally meet with good fortune. The expected rewards arrive, in terms of money, status, and accomplishments. This is all to the good, but if your attention is entirely focused outwardly, how can you know what […]


Renee Jain: Why It’s So Easy to Be Negative (and What to Do About It)

Renee Jain is a leading childhood happiness and resilience expert, focusing on youth suicide, depression, and anxiety related illness. In this Huffington Post blog, Renee explains why we all tend to focus on the negative and what we can do to stop it. Click the link below to read more: Renee Jain: Why It’s So […]

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Ann Baldwin: Be the Heroine/Hero of Your Life Story

Ann Baldwin: Be the Heroine/Hero of Your Life Story. In her blog, Higher Frequency, Ann Baldwin has interviewed Jen Grisanti, former VP of Current Programs at CBS/Paramount.  Jen has written a new book called Change Your Story, Change Your Life.  How can you take a personal or professional fall and not only move on, but […]

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