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Sometimes we just need to change our perspective!

Why DARE, why now ……   Sometimes we just need to change our perspective! Rather than fear growing older, to me it is a privilege.   When I turned 25 my friends presented me with a gorgeous bunch of celery cleverly intertwined with some pretty flowers; this age signified getting old & they wanted to […]

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Live What You Love

I always find irresistible a chance to share with others my ideas about living a happy life. I believe the secret is definitely to learn ways to Live What You Love. Before I became an interior designer I worked for many years as a business, career & personal development teacher.  I got to see all too […]

Everybody Has a Gift

EVERYBODY HAS A GIFT I believe that everybody has a gift.  As a teacher, parent and manager I get to admire firsthand the gifts of those around me; those strengths & abilities that make people special. Everybody has something that they are good at & it is important to encourage people to improve and enhance […]

5 Tips to Live a Wonderful Life

I thought I would post this article from as I think the 5 tips for leading a wonderful life are worthwhile to consider. I wonder how you feel …    

Why We Do It

  For many years I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share with people what I believe are some wonderful strategies for creating happiness and building confidence.  Now with the introduction of DARE I am thrilled to have the chance to do just that. At our retreats, workshops, and indeed with our blog, […]

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