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Two Things

Two Hands


Juicy Peach

Martha Beck 1761_beck_martha

The Four Technologies of Magic – Martha Beck -TEDxSanDiego

Martha Beck is an American socialist, life coach, best-selling author, and speaker who specializes in helping individuals and groups achieve personal and professional goals. She holds a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies and Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Sociology, both from Harvard University. *   In our time of rapid technological progression and increasing global […]


Just Part of the Dance


The Surprising Science of Happiness – Dan Gilbert – TED Talks

“Natural happiness is what we get when we get what we wanted, and synthetic happiness is what we make when we don’t get what we wanted. In our society, we have a strong belief that synthetic happiness is of an inferior kind.” – Dan Gilbert   “Who do you think is happier between a lottery […]

Align yourself with happy and successful people. Picture: Megan Slade.

The 25 things happy people do differently – Shannon Kaiser

We all experience moments of insecurity, frustration, stress and even depression, but for some of us, these moments last longer than others, writes Shannon Kaiser. Like many people, I’ve gone through some major life changes over the past few years. I was stuck in depression tied to my corporate job. My breakdown turned into a […]

Choose Wisely

James Caan 3082a50

The Eight Rules of Success to Think About Every Morning – James Caan

I have said in the past that there is no magic formula when it comes to being successful in business but there are certain guiding principles that I have followed throughout the course of my career. Not everyone gets what they want in life but if you work hard and keep trying then some measure […]

Tommy Franklin img_2518-copy

Changing the World One Smile at a Time

“I’m not a madman; I’m just ecstatic.” “I just wanna change the world one smile at a time.” Tommy Franklin changed his life around and found the joy within himself through the expression of dance. If you haven’t yet viewed his performance on Australia’s Got Talent, click on this link and absorb some of the […]

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