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Dr. Randy Pausch “The Last Lecture”

“Carnegie Mellon University has an academic tradition called ‘The Last Lecture.’  Hypothetically if you know you’re going to die and you had one last lecture, what would you say to your students?  Well for me there’s an elephant in the room and the elephant in the room is that for me it wasn’t hypothetical…”       To see […]

US$30,300 for Severely Disabled Underprivileged Families – Jakarta Post

Story from Jakarta Post – Monday, Aug 5, 2013 Two related underprivileged families in Denpasar, both with severely disabled children, will receive much-needed support thanks to a charity project by Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (Sole Men) and Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Rp 312 million (US$30,300) has been raised to support the two related families, living in […]

Daring Greatly – Why Vulnerability is Your Greatest Strength

  Dr. Brené Brown says she was raised, like many others, to believe vulnerability is a weakness. In fact, she says, you can’t have true courage unless you open yourself up to vulnerability. Watch to find out why sharing your feelings—and having hard conversations—is the only way to dare greatly in life. This 3 minute […]

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